Get Involved


As residents, every day you can help Baltimore build its Green Network.  A great city requires its citizens to be involved.  Here is a list to think about….

  • volunteer for a mayor’s clean up

  • volunteer for a tree planting or trash pick up with a group such as Blue Water Baltimore

  • help adopt a vacant lot. HCD runs this program. Visit this site to learn more.

  • clean up litter when and where you can or find a space and make sure it is always clean

  • remove invasive species and vines

Land and Water Stewardship
  • plant native species or create habitat in your yard or in containers.

  • hook up your downspout to a rain barrel.

  • learn about invasive species and remove them

  • contact 311 to report dumping, sewage leaks, etc.

  • help make landscapes at places you attend like your church or employer more eco-friendly by encouraging native plants over lawns, greening parking lots, adding rain barrels to downspouts, etc.

  • keep storm drains free of litter and debris

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