417 E Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
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Rachael Wilson Firefighters Memorial Park

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Community Node
Shipley Hill

Brief Description

A 0.7 acre park is envisioned that would honor Rachel Wilson. Rachel Wilson was the first African-american female fighter/EMT recruit who passed away in the line of duty.   Envisioned as a Community Managed Open Space, the garden will include a fenced area with flower beds, a children's play space, and a gathering area, The park would fit within a footprint currently comprised of vacant houses and lots.  The footprint is between Hollins Street, S. Pulaski Street, and S. Calverton. Partners include: the Rachael Wilson Family, Boyd Booth Community Association, NDC, African-American Firefighters Association, and Bon Secours Community Engagement.  (updated February 2, 2018)


Rachel Wilson Visioning Summary