Baltimore Green Network Table Glossary



Concept stage-Location and general project idea identified for future project

Coordination stage-Logistics refinement and community outreach

Design stage-Project design and engineering starts

Construction stage-Project open to public or implemented

Completed stage-Project open to public or finished construction

*Some stages overlap. Some projects have multiple phases, which means a project could be in one stage for one phase and another stage for another phase. 


Community node-A location designed as public community space

Nature node-A location designed for or preserved for ecological benefit

Community corridor-A corridor that attracts people on foot or by bike such as a trail, or a street with shops, or a bike route. These connect green spaces and other community destinations.

Nature corridor-A corridor that has important ecological value such as a stream valley.

*Some types overlap with each other.  For example, a bike trail (people corridor) may be in stream valley (nature corridor) 

Implementation Agency

BCRP-Baltimore City Recreation & Parks

DOT-Department of Transportation

HCD-Housing & Community Development

DOP-Department of Planning

DPW-Department of Public Works

TBD-To Be Determined*Many projects will require coordination by multiple agencies or sometimes groups outside of Baltimore City Government



R2T-Rails to Trails

P&P-Parks & People

SWP-Southwest Partnership

BWB-Blue Water Baltimore

CBP-Central Baltimore Partnership
417 E Fayette Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
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